Exploration Of Lighting & Reflections in Paintings by Christian Waggoner


The first time I saw one of Christian Waggoner’s paintings was at the 2012 Dragon*Con convention in Atlanta, GA. I was browsing through Artist Alley when the image of the Storm Trooper above caught my eye. It was a nice large print displayed at a booth, but from 40 feet away there was something very different about it that intrigued me to get closer. There, painted into the viewfinder, was a reflection of Rebel soldiers of the Tantive IV. As I moved from painting to painting I was mesmerized by the new perspective I was viewing the classic trilogy in.

Christian was asked to produce a painting series commemorating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. Hand picked by LucasFilm LTD, he recreated climatic moments from the classic films and incorporated his own unique style of light and reflection exploration. Canvas and print editions can be ordered through ACME Archives Direct.

Here are a couple of other amazing paintings by Christian including one of my favorites, the Mad Hatter reflected in an obscure tea pot.


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